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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum

PE at Long Stratton High School aims to equip all our pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to become fitter and healthier people. Developing an understanding of how physical activity fits into their lives now and beyond school and gain an understanding how physical activity can improve their well-being.

This includes developing their physical literacy and fitness through a range of sports and activities, which requires them to work productively as individuals and part of a team. High expectations of engagement in a healthy, active lifestyle across Key Stage 3 and 4, develops their mental capacity alongside their physical and theoretical understanding of the subject.

For those who wish to develop their theoretical and practical knowledge of Physical Education to greater depth, there is the opportunity to study the subject at GCSE. This provides a platform for the study of academic fields including Sports Psychology, Socio-cultural Influences and Physiology, alongside a more rigorous practical curriculum.

Long Stratton High School PE Department recognises the important role that involvement in physical activity and sport can have on a young person’s sense of belonging both in the school community and wider society. We look to provide pupils with extra-curricular opportunities and experiences that they may not otherwise encounter, in order to enrich their lives beyond the formal curriculum.