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Design and Technology

Design & Technology Curriculum

During Key Stage 3 the Design and Technology students will use the iterative design process to design and make products in a variety of materials using processes that build in complexity. This will enable them to make informed decisions about which area of Design and Technology they may wish to specialise in for GCSE and perhaps as a future career.

If a student wishes to continue with Design and Technology at GCSE level, they can choose between a specialism in Product Design or Fashion and Textiles. Both courses are identical except Product Design focuses on the use of wood, metal, and plastics whereas Fashion and Textiles concentrates on Fibres and Fabrics.

At Key Stage 4 students will build on the experience they gained at Key Stage 3 with the addition of more complex processes such as the increased use of Computer Aided Design and Manufacture. Students will also have access to much greater freedom when selecting the processes and materials they wish to use during the completion of their coursework and final product. This freedom is designed to allow each student to tailor the course, and their research within it, to their own diverse interests and career aspirations.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

The food curriculum at Key Stage 3 is designed to allow students to develop an interest in the creative aspects and enjoyment of food. They will develop confidence using a range of skills safely to produce a variety of dishes. They will learn about healthy eating and the relationship between diet and health to develop an informed approach that will help them to evaluate their own dietary choices and decisions.

If the students wish to take Food Preparation and Nutrition at GCSE level, they will be encouraged to make connections between theory and practice so that they are able to apply their understanding of food and nutrition and food science to practical cooking. This will enable them to have more independence over the recipes and skills they develop, culminating in a practical exam where they are required to prepare, plan, cook and present three dishes within a single period of no more than three hours.