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Business Studies

Business Studies Curriculum

Edexcel GCSE Business (9-1)- Developing enterprising minds

This course focuses on both the theoretical and practical aspects of establishing and running a business. The course will enhance students’ analytical and evaluative skills, allowing them to apply the theory they learn within real life business examples. Students will learn how to analyse the best course of action for a business and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of these decisions. Students will also learn how to calculate important financial information such as revenue, break-even points, profit and average rate of return. GCSE Business Studies also allows students to understand the external influences that dictate whether a business succeeds or fails, such as, political, economic, financial or environmental issues. Students are encouraged to look beyond the classroom, putting themselves in the shoes of an entrepreneur looking for the next big business opportunity. The qualification is assessed through two equally weighted exam papers.

Paper 1 - Theme 1: Investigating small business

In Year 10, pupils will start by exploring the world of small businesses through the lens of an entrepreneur. How and why do business ideas come about? What makes a successful business? Pupils will learn how to develop an idea, spot an opportunity and turn it into a successful business. They will understand how to make a business effective, manage money and see how the world around us affects small businesses and all the people involved.

Paper 2 - Theme 2: Building a business

In Year 11, pupils will move on to investigating business growth. How does a business develop beyond the start-up phase? Pupils will learn about key business concepts and issues and decisions they need to make when growing a business and working in a global business. They will learn about meeting customer needs, making marketing, operational, financial and human resourcing decisions and will explore how the wider world impacts the business as it grows.

Progression and opportunities

After completing this qualification pupils will understand the world of business and have developed skills in:

  • making decisions and developing persuasive arguments
  • creative and practical problem solving
  • understanding data, finance and communication.

It’s also a great step preparing them for further and higher education such as A levels and BTEC courses. A GCSE Business course could help prepare pupils for an entrepreneurial role and help them to gain an understanding of what is involved in a business-related profession, like accountancy, law, marketing or the leisure and tourism industry