Mock Results: Next Steps
Year 11 Assembly and support materials to talk pupils through how to fill in their Next Step Review document.

LSHS Next Steps Assembly


Year 11 “Next Steps” Review Document

Use this document to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses from your mock results and then set revision priorities. This will help you focus your revision and studies to help you get closer to your target and beyond!

Year 11 Action Plan Next Steps Parental Copy


Year 11 Revision Resources (Click the links to open)

  1. Guide to Effective Revision: How to make the most of your revision [Guide To Effective Revision]
  2. Revision Timetable Template (2018 dates) [2018 Revision Template + Guide]
  3. Revision Timetable: Advice for getting you started [How To Make a Revision Timetable]
  4. Miss Franklin’s Step by Step Guide to Revision timetabling [Miss Franklin’s Top Tips for Revision Timetables]


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